i have developed a really strange hatred feeling for this guy..wat to do?

Its this guy with whom i was in deep friendship with ...pls don't think of any sexual affair because i treated him like a big brother...WE used to have small tiffs in the past too but we usually made up...but now from recently six months i started feeling he does care about me as i do ,...rather he ignored me in front of his other friends..and now i too have developed a kind of hatred towards him ..i have stopped speaking to him and behaves in a way as to seclude him from other friends who are common to both of us...at times i feel he hasn't done anything to deserve this yet i can't make up my mind to change my attitude towards him...i also feel strange how this brotherhood relationshiop has lost its way and fallen into trash...am i responsible for all this?
By tarun 13 years ago :: Friends
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