My boyfriend has a new friend who "gets him" in ways that I don't

My boyfriend is two years younger than I am, and last fall when he was taking drivers ed, he met this girl. I heard from a mutual friend who was also in the class that they were talking and didn't think much of it, until a few weeks later when he told me he was going to see Harry Potter (which he had refused to see with me, because he doesn't like the series) with her. I was upset, but I was going out with my friends that night so I let him go. I didn't text him during the evening, or ask him what happened. He promised it wouldn't happen again.
Five weeks later, I'm visiting my grandmother and while talking to him, I'm able to get him to confess that he's supposed to be going to the girls house the next night to play video games. I was really upset, because he promised it wasn't going to be an issue anymore, and once he saw how upset I was, he didn't go.
That all happened in December, and then last week (almost 6 months later) I got a friend request from her on Facebook, and when I asked him he mentioned that they were going to go to the beach together.
He had told me they weren't texting anymore, but clearly that was a lie. He gets texts from her almost everyday. I'm not the crazy snooping type, its just plain as day. His phone buzzes sometimes when we're having sex. I don't know what her problem is.
It doesn't bother me that he has friends; he has plenty of other girl friends. I don't feel comfortable with him hanging out one-on-one with another girl. It especially upsets me because I'm going to college in the fall and it feels like he has a waiting list for the day I leave.
When we were talking about the issue (her), he told me that he doesn't think he has anything in common with me, and that she seriously understand him. Basically that I'm nice to have around, but I'm not enough and he needs her too.
He has promised to not see her again, but he's said that before.
I messaged her on Facebook to apologize and I was very polite, but she ignored it because shes a nasty b!tch.
Am I in the wrong here? I just feel so uncomfortable and I've given him so many chances. Who's side are you on?
By Jorkins 13 years ago :: Dating
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