Do I come clean about checking out his facebook?

My boyfriend has so many female friends on facebook and I don't know who the majority of them are. Sometimes he will leave it open on my computer or not log out, but I have been good about not looking at it. Lately our sex life has cooled down a lot and I have been feeling insecure. A few nights ago I looked at a message he had with another girl on facebook.

The message started out harmless, but the things that stuck out to me were 'i wanted to say hi b/c i was missing you,' 'your hair looks hot' , 'whenever i drive by your old place i think about you,' and she asked him to let her know what evening to get together.

This was two months ago when the convo happened, and there have been several times they could meet up. The past few days it has been eating at me so I've been trying to tell him that he can tell me anything he is not happy with and we can work things out before it gets to the point of cheating. He says he is happy. I thought we were generally happy too before this came up.

Another insecurity is that I found out my ex was cheating on me when I borrowed his computer and saw naked pics and chats with other girls. I had proof and he still flat out lied to me about it.

I am so in love with this guy that it hurts to just think about him talking to other girls like that. The other part of me is so afraid to bring it up b/c I don't want to lose him. I don't know what to do. I can either ignore it and maybe since it was a few months ago it is nothing, or I can fess up and maybe get all of the facts, but possibly lose the trust. I think I can forgive if something happened, but can he forgive me for looking at his messages?
By shellbell5 13 years ago :: Dating
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