Partner's mother is a pain!

My partner's mother is stressing me out!

Whenever she takes care of his 5 year old nephew, he is allowed candy whenever he wants, never eats fruit or veg and she lets him sit and watch tv or do whatever it is he wants to do. She also doesnt see anything wrong with being drunk in front of him. All this is basically so the kid will like her! The childs mother (her daughter) gets fustrated but there is not much she can do as she can't afford childcare when she works and she is a single mom.
We are looking at having children soon and I think she will be a nightmare. I don't want her looking after my child when this is how she behaves despite being asked nicely not to. She doesnt realise how bad it is but she is very sensitive and if I told her or didn't let her see my child then she wouldn't speak to me (she has a history of just stopping speaking to people if they insult her in anyway). My partner loves him mom and she is not a bad person, so I would hate to cause any family rifts.
How should I handle the situation?
By Mar23 13 years ago :: Parenting
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