My bf breaks into houses and hes been caught before n says hes stopped what do i do?

My bf got caught before he was 18 for B&E he said hed never break into another house but over the past week hes been goin bck to his old ways, and tonite he broke into a house bc it "felt like it had to happen" I dont know what to do...i dont know whether to break it off bc i love him so much or let him keep goin wit his illegal possibly life ruining ways and stick by him. I love him so much that it hurts, I dont want to leave him but hes not the same person that i fell in love wit, I think hes just gonna keep breakin into houses and cars and not do anything productive, he says he has a life goal but the way hes goin it doesnt seem like it. He says he wants to make me happy but lately hes been doin the opposite and can only apologize I've been tryin so hard to do everything i can to stay calm and not flip out on him. He says he doesnt know what to say or do, but right now hes high outta his mind. I really need help....
By J2theL2theE 15 years ago :: Dating
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