Something smells fishy... Something doesn't seem quite 'right' here... My spider senses are tingling!

Originally I was working all day tomorrow (8am-6pm) but uv been rather crook and called in sick. Asked my partner of almost 2yrs what he was doing earlier today and he said just washing and such around the house. We do not live together, I should add.

Anyway after I told him I called in sick, he said that he now had plans. Turns out those plans involve him taking a 'friend' out to the movies. Of course there's no problem seeing a movie with a mate but I have an issue with

A) he referred to this person as 'friend', nothing more until I asked who. At which time he responded 'long time female friend of mine, you don't know her'

B) he's paying for her

C) he's picking her up from her place and dropping her back home (complete opposite direction to everything)

So my concerns are:
A) we've bn together for 2yrs so how come iv never heard of this 'old' friend before?
B) why try to keep it so secretive? 'friend', she has a name but he won't utter it
C) he's paying for her! he's been promising to take me out to see a movie but keeps saying he can't due to financial constraints. Why can he afford to take her and not me? Last movie session I paid for and no I don't expect him to pay for everything so please don't go down that road.
D) he's picking her up and dropping her home... When she lives in the opposite direction and a good 40mins from the cinema!
E) he wasn't upfront and honest about this info... Won't tell me her name, was hard enough getting the above info out of him.

So yeh, my spidey senses are tingling... This doesn't seem right to me at all!
By anon24 13 years ago :: Dating
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