Am i wrong for getting fingered if he already had unprotect sex with another female then had sex with me?

My husband and I have only been married for about a year. He claims the reasons why he left me was because I bitched too much but i think it was an excuse as to why he wanted to leave me because he wanted to be with other women.(we are both young) He has recently had unprotected sex with a young female who is now claiming she pregnant and another who he had protected sex with. After all is said and done he came back to me and had unprotected sex after those girls. Then i confessed to him I was fingered by another male but i did not have sex with him. But he says cheating is the same thing and he makes me feel like i did something wrong and that his wrongs are ok? SHould I try to fix this marriage or leave him alone?
By WorriedWife 15 years ago :: Marriage
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