Should I put up with my job?

I hate my job. I have been working there for about six months and it is the same boring thing. It is a temporary position that will be ending in a few months, but I can't stand the thought of doing this much longer.

I recently graduated, and this gave me a good foot in the door. Would it be worth it wait it out even though I dread every minute of it and it makes me completely miserable?

I am going to be moving soon, and I am applying to new jobs. I don't necessarily need to the money that I am making right now as I have few expenses and money in the bank. Would an extra two months really make that much of a difference? I hate everything about this job. I would love the opportunity to take a few weeks off as I have been working my entire college career, but I am having an inner battle.
By Luchadora 13 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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