Do you like Guinevere Melaugh (Meh-Law) or Finley Melaugh better for a girl's name?

Our third child and my husband and I are at odds over the baby name. We have already used family names, etc., with our first two children (also girls). Their names are Charlotte and Isabella. I prefer names that can be shortened (we call Charlotte, Charlie and Isabella, Bella) as well as names that will grow well into adulthood, i.e. professional sounding if need be.
Is Guinevere too over the top? We thought we would call her Winnie for short. I like Finley, it would be Finley Maria Melaugh, but I find Finley is a little bit too informal and I'm not fond of the nicknames that go with Finley (Finn, Finney).
As a side note, we have gone though pages of names and have been battling over this for 35 weeks. We don't have too much time left.
Thank you!
By laugho 13 years ago :: Parenting
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