My mom smokes heavily. When she first gets into my car, I choke on her stench. Does anyone experience this?

My mom's home smells worse than a crowded bar on a Saturday night due to her 3 pack+ per day cigarette habit. I eat only organic and eat macrobiotic, so needless to say, I don't smoke. When she gets into my car, I open all the windows and she complains that the smell of truck/car fumes are worse than her smell. She also adds that her stench as I describe it are in my head, and I imagine the stench - it doesn't really exist. She says that if I leave the windows down when driving with her in the car, she will no longer get in the car. We drive each day to help my dad in rehab for a few hours. I guess I just need moral support to stand my ground and not feel guilty about this most unloving, very selfish mother.
By scoopie 13 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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