so badddd! would prefer answers from ppl who've been through this and are not gonna judge :|

ok , so , ive been with my bf since i was 15 and im now 19. so i never got that experimental teen phase, not saying its a thing being highschool sweethearts, but recently this guy started at our work.
(i work with my bf) we all started hanging out, also with another girl . me and the other guy got soooo close, an were hanging out together without my bf knowing, i felt so bad and everything , but it just felt so right. after awhile it got worse and worse and we ended up doing sexual stuff, NOT SEX. after awhile we decided to stop and pretend it never happened. he's since moved onto my boyfriends sister, who he was sweettalking and tuning just like he did me, at the same time.
now all im worried about is my bf finding out. ive ince lost all trust in this guy since he also told me my bf was seeing someone else :| which wasnt true.
now i dont know what to do, tell my boyfriend, pretend it didnt happen? :(
i feel amazingly guilty and upset and sick whenever i think about it. so please no judgement, just advice. x
By butterfly_iCe 13 years ago :: Dating
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