i know, i know, i'm crazy...how do i fix it before ruining everything?

I've been in a relationship with a person I REALLY like, but I have such a problem believing the feelings are mutual. I have no reason to believe this other than I'm probably crazy...I went onto his computer and into his internet options to get his passwords and I've read through his old emails and chats. I get mad and jealous everytime theres something from another girl, even though it's from way before he even met me. I get overwhelmingly upset when he opts to not hang out with me for a day, even if its to do homework. He spends a lot of time with girls in his classes, and although I have no reason to think anything is going on, I still get super jealous. I already know this behavior of mine is not normal and could be destructive to the relationship, so please, help me fix it...what can I do to stop myself from being so obsessive and jealous and possessive and needy?
By hecka_nervous 15 years ago :: Dating
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