My boyfriend and I live togeather. It is 7:36pm here and he has not come home yet. How would you handle this?

My live in boyfriend owns his own business. Not that it matters. My point is today because he is not open he can come and go as he pleases. This morning he seem to leave angry. By the way he is more emotional than most women and that has been a problem. We end up is some overly heated argument every couple of weeks. I can just about predict these on the calendar and schedule them. I think he was upset with something about cleaning the burners on the stove and I said I would handle it. I have not heard from him today and he should be home by now. I refuse to be the needy nut who calls and acts like an insecure girl. His over emotional behavior is exhausting. What would you do?
By Nicholel 13 years ago :: Marriage
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