Did I get my mother pregnant?

I'm 16 and don't have sex with my mom. That's disgusting but my mom and I use the same bathroom all the time. So I masterbate all the time while I'm pooping and sometimes I make a mess on the toilet seat (like when I catch it but the toilet paper breaks and it oozes down onto the toilet seat). i did this a bunch of times but then if my mom uses the toilet after me can she get injected with it?

My dad had a vasetomy after i was born and mom said he can't have kids anymore but she is pregnant about a month but only told me, not dad.

I didn't tell her about the toilet seat. Is it mine??? Would a test to see who the father is show up like it is my dad since we have the same genes? Help please.
By IloveMeganFox 13 years ago :: Parent/Child
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