Is It Immature Of Me To Be Mad About This?

"so my boyfriend, 23, and i 21 have been together for six months. He has a facebook and myspace, as do i. however, i got to know him more and more about his ex's and girls he was never with but slept with, i realized he still had them as friends. It bugged me that he still talked to them and they still left him comments. I saw it as his little black book. i confronted him about it (over the phone) i told him to delete those girls or delete his myspace and facebook. He got mad and said i was over reacting and i said no and then he got all frustrated and rose his voice and said i dont know what you want me to do...i was like were you not listening to me i said delete them or delete the whole thing. So, he kept quiet for a bit and he said, there are you happy? and i said about what? and he said, there i deleted both of them. i was surprised i couldn't believe he deleted it BUT it was just too easy because usually he never gives up easily and always finds a way to turn the tables around. I told him to promise me that he deleted it and when we say promise its a real promise bullshit aside...and he said he promised so i was like ok good and we said goodnight. The next morning still feeling weird i checked his facebook and it no longer existed...i was relieved. Then i checked his myspace and he still had it! i was so angry i couldnt believe he lied to me after he promised. so i waited until i was more calm and decided i was going to give him a guilt trip i guess you can say. i sent him a text message telling him that i appreciate it that he deleted both of them and that i love him so on and so forth. he didn't respond back. he didn't even call me for two days. finally he calls me and tells me we have to talk. he tells me that he got extremely mad that i sent him that text that i was frustrating and stressing him out and that i was nagging. That he didnt need that especially because hes in the military. So, i finally just said, i know you didn't delete your myspace its still there and he said no i deleted it i dont know why its still there maybe it didnt work i was like BS youre such a liar. and then he said his best friend has his password maybe when he deleted it his friend signed on and it didnt work. OMG i was like do you think im stupid! grrrrr i couldnt believe what he was saying. we continued arguing until i guess we got tired of it and left it alone. A couple of days later, i signed on to facebook and i was talking to a mutual friend thru facebook messaging. i was telling him about the situation and he's like hold up are you sure he deleted his facebok because i still have him as a friend and then he told me he must have blocked me because when you block someone you cant find them what so ever even if you have mutual friends you cant see them in their friends list. OMG did this drive me nuts he lied to me! and here i go again i went to confront him about it and AGAIN he denied it! well again we talked and nothin got resolved he still denied it. i finally said i didnt care if he wants it keep it im done with the arguing. couple days later his facebook showed up i looked at it and he still had all his old picutures and old comments from when he had just started his facebook. Which tells you he never deleted it like he said or else he wouldnt have had all those comments from years ago it would of been a brand new facebook. i dont know what to do i dont know if this is some immature thing to be mad about its myspace and facebook i feel like its high school drama...i dont know what to do cause he says he loves me and wants to marry me...should i really see this as an issue..
By pretiegurl 15 years ago :: Dating
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