Rude And Unnecessary

Today my boyfriend told me that I was the biggest girl he\'s ever dated. He then said there was one girl he dated after high school that maybe would be close to me, as she was "bigger too". I'm not tiny but I'm not huge, I am around 5'5 and 135-140 lbs. I've recently put on weight and am really self conscious about it.... comments like this do not help. As soon as I got upset, he said "what? I was just being honest. Does the truth hurt?" Yes it does, and even though you were probably being truthful, why would you say something like that to the person you love? it made me feel ugly and inadequate. He claims he's sorry and that he loves me but he has no idea why I'm upset still. Just because you are telling the truth doesn't mean you should say things that might hurt the other person's feelings. Who is in the wrong? Am I over reacting, or was he being inconsiderate and rude?
By scabs27 11 years ago :: Dating
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