Me and my girlfriend have been together for little over 3mths, now she's showing now affection! What do i do!?

Me and my girlfriend were really close and mushy for the first 2 mths. Incredible sex every night, holding each other, kissing, spending every day together. Note* she is INCREDIBLY gorgeous! Hard to get used to the attention she gets EVERYWHERE she/we go but im doing SO much better knowing i am the one she comes home to. She's been a model/gogo dancer, now a stripper. Since she turned 21 little over a month ago..she stopped showing affection. I think we've had sex maybe 4 times since, kiss's?? who knows. She's been living with me for the last 2 mths till she gets her own apt within the next few weeks. It's obvious that im still loving/caring/generous/affectionate yet she shows me nothing. I care about her so much, this is not puppy not a child. I know a great girl and she is amazing. We share unbelievable amounts in common. She's the biggest hypocrite, everything she complains about me doing or saying..she does, and i rarely argue, ive learned to just keep quiet and let it go. We dont cuddle at all in bed, "your arm/legs too heavy, im too hot, you breath too loud, you snore (i dont snore loud if i do at all, but she does and i dont ever complain). I dont want to feel like this, but i feel like im losing her and i dont know why. I havent changed at all, i am still the amazing person she 1st met. In fact i've grown since, moved out of my crappy living situation with roomates and got my own nice 1bed apt. It's safe to say that i love her very much. She's been clear on how strong the word love is to her, even then..she has told me during late night talks before this all started that she loved me. I dont know what to do or what im doing wrong. I really dont understand girls but im a very good learner and im trying! On another note, yes she's been staying with me till she gets her own apartment soon, but i'm getting the feeling like she's only staying together with me now cuz its a place to sleep/eat/shower,etc and as soon as she gets her apartment shes going to make up an excuse like "i need me time" or the usual that girls use. I am a great guy, respect women to the fullest, love my mom to death (were best friends!) i cant think of 1.. not 1 logical reason for her to leave me, i hope its just cuz she's stressed on so many levels and all of this gets better and back to normal cuz like i said, i love her dearly. SOMEONE TELL ME SOMETHING I WANT TO HEAR!
By mrconfused 15 years ago :: Dating
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