Friends Over Late In Shared House

My boyfriend and I recently moved to a new town, only 10 miles from his hometown, an hour and half hour from my own. and it seems as though there\'s been some sort of miscommunication about what exactly is expected in our new home. I am 6 months pregnant, and we are both very excited about our new one coming into the world, and our actual relationship has it\'s flaws, but we\'ll stick to the problem at hand.
Seems to me, that our house, is my house to clean, and his house to have friends over. He has these friends over after he gets off work, 8ish, and they just don\'t seem to have any respect for me, and they sit and make jokes in the living room, 20 feet from my bedroom, and I hate to be rude and go to bed even though I may be exhausted and not interested in boy time. It\'s like, if you want to hang with your boys, go to the local bar, sit outside (It\'s summertime), drive around, or, here\'s a grand idea, go to his friends house as they are mostly bachelors and have their own place. But my boyfriend just doesn\'t seem to notice that his full time working girlfriend who pays her bills, cleans a house, does his laundry, everything has to be line-dried as the dryer recently broke, cooks dinner, does dishes by hand, and is working on growing a baby, is freaking exhausted. I don\'t really mind the friends being over, but once 10:00 hits, I want to go to bed, but they never leave until well after mid-night, and normally because I make some comment about how it\'s really late, and it\'s bed-time. This also, is only during weeknights, weekends he drags me out to the bars, which I also don\'t mind, as it\'s something to do in small-town-USA, but good god man, control your dogs!
By cosmo_stylist 12 years ago :: Dating
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