Please Help - I need some early relationship advice...

Help – I need your advice!
I'm a sales rep and I was taken by a client of mine to see their key account (H) which is the end user of my companies product. We had chemistry when we met, but I had a boyfriend and I wasn't sure of his relationship status, so we left it at that. Well my boyfriend and I split up a few months ago, so I signed up to an online dating site where I contacted (H) and we hit it off instantly. I pretended I was someone else because I wasn't sure if he'd like me or not, but to cut the story short he ended up finding out who I was and said he really liked me and thought I was nice when we first met although I'd lied to him. I called in to see him for coffee and we hit it off instantly and kissed etc, then the second date he cooked me tea and I ended up staying at his house and sleeping with him, which I've regretted every day since. His performance in the bed wasn't very good, which he was very embarrassed about but I reassured him that I liked him a lot and it didn't worry me the least.
Its been a week later and things have gone really quiet between us (its been hectic at work for both of us), and our ‘chemistry' over the phone has pretty much gone. We used to send messages all the time, now we'd be lucky to send a few a day. We live and work in the same town, but he never makes the effort to see me as he's got a busy social life with his footy and friends – although he's offered to cook me tea etc and I've never once offered to do the same, this dating thing is new to me again after a 6yr relationship. I worry because it complicates my work and potentially the end to a very large chunk of business, should I send him a message and ask what is happening between us (if so how do I word it?) or should I let things go and be strong and independent even though its killing me inside? Please help?!
By Lovedreamfulfill 10 years ago :: Dating
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