Shouldn't my Mom let me move back home?

You guys may remember me from a few months ago. I was 19 & moved out of my Mom's home because I couldn't stand the rules any longer.
It has been 4 months... I was living with some friends in a hotel room when I first left home. They bailed on me & went back to their mom's.(mom warned me they would) I then begged my cousin to move in with her. We got along for about a month or two.(mom warned me that would happen)
I asked mom to get me an apartment in her name. She said no because I have no job. I hated her for that and cut her out of my life. I said som mean things to her & my stepdad I was so angry.I then begged my Grandma to pay the deposits for an apartment in her name. She did it for me & agreed that my mom was wrong for not helping me. Grandma paid half of the rent the 1st month my boyfriend the other half. Now rent is due for month number 2.
My BF was the guy that had 2 kids and one on the way.(mom warned me that I would be sorry) I told her that she had to let me grow up & stop treating me like a kid.
I am now 20. My boyfriend left me for the 18 year old girl that has now gave birth to the baby & wouldn't help me pay the bills.(mom warned me that would happen)
Now I have no job..bills galore...title loan on my car (grandma convinced me to get loan). I have dropped out of college. Mom refuses to let me come back home. I think she is wrong & I'm her daughter she shouldn't let me stay on the streets. Shouldn't she just forgive me and take my back in her home? My grandma agrees that she should let me come back!
She says that I have to learn from my actions & be the adult I so wanted to be. She says she's not making anything easy for me. I think she's being unfair...

#I've found a job guys & my boyfriend has moved back in with me(I knew he wouldn't stay with that other girl too long). Bad news is my car has been taken by the title loan company. I called mom & asked for her to get my car back for me. She said No & that she told me not to get the loan & to let my BF get it back. She also said that my life will stay torn up as long as I don't straighten up & take out the trash in my life. Can't she understand that I need a ride to work?? I can pay the money back when I get on my feet... I can't get her to help in any way. She's not acting like a real mom!#
By JazzyG 13 years ago :: Parent/Child
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