How To Beat Cravings...

I want help on how to avoid cravings. Whether it's the cookies that I will climb the stairs for, or the pretzels with that salt that tastes so yummy. I guess you could say that I really, really love food, but I also realize that there does need to be a limit. So, I would appreciate some tips on how to beat any cravings that I might have. I have read some tips in magazines that say things like if you are craving chocolate, drink a peanut butter smoothie...but honestly, can't that at least be a peanut butter milkshake?! Plus, all I know is that I know that I want that chocolate not the smoothie, so that tip didn't really help. Anyways, tips are needed on (successful ;) ) ways to beat these cravings! Thank you!
By Skye95 13 years ago :: General
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