My girlfriends myspace doesnt really show anything of my existance. Should i be concerned??

I love my gf with a fiery passion, i put her in my "i'd like to meet" section stating "ALREADY MET HER!!", my status says im in a relationship, i have her picture on my main page, and my main profile picture is always a new picture of us. HER myspace on the other hand..not one mention of me, not one picture, she's not approving my seldom comments (just recently left a comment while i was at work thinking about her stating "leaving you some love boo!", she denied it..i know this cuz she just approved her girlfriends comment...but wheres mine? also, we just went to a party and took pictures, she just updated her photos and added captions to every pic with her and friends and stated all her friends in each photo she was with, but the photo with me in it has no caption...does she not want anyone to know who i am? wtf. should i be worried about this?
By mrconfused 15 years ago :: Dating
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