How do I react to my husband idea of bringing home stuff to sell for his colleague.

For a while now, my husband has been telling me about his colleage, how abusive her husband is. Really I felt bad for her because I hate abuse. But recently he stared bringing home boxes of jelwery to help her sell, so she can raise money to move out of the guys house. He even took it to our family picnic and asked me to tell my friends to buy from it. I asked him to return it after some few sale, because most of the bracelets were too little. According to him (my husband) she insists he sells them for her. My husband had to buy some of the bracelet for our daughter. I am really pissed about the whole thing, but I do not know how to react because of the "circumstance" of the colleague. Need your opinion. She wouldn't go to the police because she doesn't want the man's family to tell her that their brother brought her to America, only for her to throw him in jail.
By softbunny 13 years ago :: General
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