Can my husband and I celebrate Thanksgiving with just our kids?

My husband is and I'm Catholica. The benefit of that is that there are no issues with were to celebrate the high holidays or Christmas. The issue comes up with Thanksgiving. My family lives in another state, and is totally understanding that we can't travel for the holidays. I would love to host my in-laws, his sister and her husband and their kids, the problem comes in that my mother-in-law wants to invite his sister's in-laws (a total of 6 people) as well. That brings the total to 18, more than we would like to celebrate with. Keep in mind, that we often celebrate the Jewish holidays with these people, and in the past we've had Thanksgivings with them, but I'm looking forward to a quieter, less hectic Thanksgiving this year. Again, we see all of his family and his sister's in-laws for many of the holidays including Mother's day and Father's day. It'd just be nice to have a little break from all that this year.
By vbogee 12 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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