Who should I pick as my child's Godmother?

I am pregnant with my first child and I have two cousins who I would want as a Godmother. We decided that we would want to pick my boyfriends brother, who is unmarried, and that leaves me between two of my cousins to choose as a Godmother.

One of my cousins, let's call her Emma, is someone with who I grew up with. She was one year older and we did everything together when we were kids. But as we got older we grew apart, and for 2 years we only spoke to each other on birthdays or holidays, didn't have a fight or anything, just drifted apart. That is until recently when we started talking again and it feels just like old times.

Then my other cousin, we'll call her Lucy, lived in another town growing up but I got to see her quite a few times and would spend time talking on the phone, or on myspace (back then) and facebook. She even had a son not too long ago and made me the Godmother.

The reason it's so hard is because I don't want to hurt either one of their feelings. I'm not sure if Lucy expects to be the Godmother because she chose me for her kid or if Emma expects to be chosen because she has been like a sister for most of my life.

My boyfriend has told me not to make such a big deal about it and that being Godparents isn't that important anymore but I feel like it is. He also told me that whichever one of them I choose is fine with him.

If you were in my position which one would you choose? I know I didn't give that great of detail, but if you would want to know more feel free to ask.
By Skyward 11 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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