Is my husband a self centered, inconsiderate person?

We were at dinner with our 4 children ages 6,7, 10 and 11. Immediately after being seated at the table I began trying to help the children decide what to order, my husband began reading the menu himself. A few minutes passed and the waiter came by and asked if "you all" had had time to decide what to order. I still wasn't finished talking to the kids about what they wanted, the 11 yr old hadn't even seen a menu yet, and I hadn't looked at the menu for myself yet, and my husband looks at the waiter and says "Yes". I say my husband is self centered and inconsiderate b/c he didn't help any of the kids decide what to eat, he picked his own meal first thing upon sitting down at the table and he told the waiter "we" were ready to order before checking with me or any of the kids to see if they were ready to order.
By Irelandred 15 years ago :: Marriage
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