Can I really trust him?

My bf and I have been together for just over 2 years and he is the most decent sweet guy I have ever been with. We got off to a rough start in the beginning but we have made it through. I have insecurities involving the internet.. facebook etc. My last bf cheated on me through dating sites. So that scares me. Well me and my current bf have broken up and got back together several times because of my insecurities. We live together now and he makes me happy and I can see myself marrying him. We broke up about a month ago and got back together and a couple weeks after getting back together I found out that he had a account. I confronted him and he said he would delete it. I also found out that while we were together he was still using the account. He said that he made that when we broke up, and because we have argued so much in the past he was just waiting for the next fight so why delete it? I told him if he wanted to be with me to delete it, and he did. He has a facebook account and I used to know his password because he gave it to me and yes I would check his messages and I never found anything bad but he did have an ex gf that sent him a message saying that she still thinks about him and wants to hang out with him and asked why he doesn't text her back anymore. I know he deleted her from his phone because he knew that bothered me. He responded to her message but he avoided those questions and kept it casual. Well now that I know he kept that yearbook account going while we were together and I don't have access to his facebook I am scared that he might be doing the same thing. He knows how I feel about facebook and I know he won't delete it so I just don't know how to deal with it?
By bmacomber 13 years ago :: Dating
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