What is the limit of giving too much in a relationship?

My fiance and I and some of his family members took a trip. No one had any gas money that rode in our truck to get to our destination. As the days got closer for us to leave for the trip, I find out that my fiance has NO MONEY for us to even travel.So therefore I end up paying for everything. This included the hotel room, food, gas, etc. On top of this I had given my fiance over $400 dollars before the trip. He says that he was going to pay back the money, but it has been 2 months since we have been back, and I haven't seen any money as of yet. We got into an arguement just the other day, and he told me that I don't support him, and that he gets better support from his boys than he does from me. Also, he says that I shouldn't mention every time that I have had to help him out, and that he does not want to hear about it.That really hurt my feelings, and I have been wondering if I should even bring up the fact that I am feeling some type of way about the entire thing. Sometimes I feel like I am always there to help him out when he needs help, but when I am in need, I can't count on him. Am I being mean about the situation, and should I tell him how I feel about everything?
By cymp99 13 years ago :: Dating
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