He bought a 2 seater as his sole mode of transportation. I have a 15 month old.

I've been dating a guy off and on (mostly on) for 8 months now. We're slowly but surely seeming to work things out. He told me last weekend he was considering trading in his car for a new one. He pointed out a 2007 Saturn Sky (among others) and mentioned the only draw back is it has no back seat. I didn't say anything, figuring he already knew what I'd say. He told me today he bought it.
I have a 15 month old son, who will obviously be in a car seat of some kind for a few years now. My car is a '95 Corolla on it's last legs, so we always take his car.
Do I ask him why he chose the Sky or do I let it go?
It seems to me he just doesn't see us lasting much longer, or that I don't seem to rank among his priorities. Both of which indicate problems for "us".
By Sm876 12 years ago :: Dating
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