Help!!!....Should I stay and work it out or leave?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating on and off for about 8 years we are both in our mid to late 20's and love each other deeply. We are both very supportive of each others dreams and careers we both love and cherish our families. We have been through alot together including a 2+ years of long distance relationship, some financial hardships, some family issues, and infidelity on both parts at one poiny. But through all of that we still managed to work things out because we love each other so Deeply.
Now We are both finishing up college and want to get married but we have some Issues to work out before that happens. We have never lived together and we have always wanted to live together before we got married to insure we can withstand our odd habits.
So the situation is we now live together with roommates and Im currently unemployed and besides school and volunteering and hes a struggling musician/producer
The problem is hes lazy with in house chorses hes doesnt clean like I want him too and I usually pick up the house cleaning myself
Problem number two since hes out all day and some nights doing gigs or at the studio and when hes home hes playing video games or on his computer
So Im home alone most of the time and or feel alone and I try to be understanding of his time and his passion by giving him his space I hang out with my gal pals or my family I do whatever I can to keep myself busy to show that I respect his passion and understand its not easy to be a musician nowadays and not impose on his husle...
But I often feel neglected and becuase we never go out anymore maybe once a month and when I ask him to take me out its too expensive ... Im okay with that so next I offer to stay in and watch a movie and Im still turned down....
Now here are my flaws Im a nagger and instegator whenever I have an issue I have to address it and make my opinion voiced Loud clear this flaw I have annoyss my boyfriend to the max.. which usually has us argueing until one of us gives in and we least one small bout per day... He doesnt like this and believes we will be a disaster to marry if we cant stop arguing. I agree with him if we argue all the time that cant be good for marriage and.I dont like argueing I feel its wasted energy to argue all the time. Well He threatened to leave me on many occasions simply because I cant seem to shut it up.... But how can I when he doesnt satisfy my needs when I consider them to be so small
Now we have reached point of seperation.... Im currently staying with my mom until we can figure out if should stay together or not
I feel that I can reduce my constant bantering if he can show me a lil more attention but what else can I do to prove I love him and would do anything to stay together if would just spend time with me
By Jena 11 years ago :: Dating
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