My two model girlfriends are both knocked up. What do I do or how do I choose?

I'm a little bit of a sexually experimental person and when I got the chance to be with two friends at the same time I could not pass it up. Went into photography to photograph models and that's exactly what I've done. On one destination shoot I had these two beautiful women and me. I've shot with each before so I knew them but I didn't know they knew each other. So after the shoot we went to the resort tiki bar for some drinks which eventually led to dancing and grinding on both. This led to champagne in their sweet with a jacuzzi. Naked jacuzzi.

So what do I do? You know.

This was great and protected to a point (used condoms and they are both on the pill and I pulled out). I didn't get them pregnant then. I turns out the one was relocating to the city both me and the other model live in. This began our relationship. Now it was just an exclusive threesome - something I never thought could work. It didn't.

It worked OK for the first few months. Then the girls began getting competitive with my time. I have no fucking idea how they decided, but they didn't want to mess up their friendship over it so they made a pact - they both went off the pill and whoever got knocked up first the other would bow out.

Models deserve the stereotype. Any brains they may have went into t&a or got scrambled by what went up their noses.

They both got knocked up and the doctor says they are within a few weeks apart.

I didn't expect it or want this to happen. Now both want a commitment - not the threesome thing - just one on one. Now I just have to preggos and no models.

I want to be a good guy about it. I love kids and I am getting older. OF course I'll be a father to both children. But which one gets the support and which one gets a commitment?

Keep in mind both are this dumb to think of their plan. Both have good families and I really wasn't in love with either. I just liked the scenario.

What should I look for?
By IGetCrazy 13 years ago :: Dating
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