Is it wrong that my girlfriend has became unattractive to me? Am I a horrible person?

Ok, how to put this so I don't sound like a total jerk but I'm not going to lie or sugar coat it (I do that enough with her)...I am 28, she is 24.....Is it wrong that my girlfriend has became unattractive to me?

1. Her attitude has gotten to the point she acts like a 16 year old.

2. She wants to fight all the time over stupid stuff. Like that I spend too much time at the gym (1hr or 2 after work or while she is STILL sleeping on a Saturday)

3. I feel like she is lying to me...Has been saying for 1 1/2 years that she is going to a spin class and wanting to lose weight but eats junk food and soda all the time...(I have not said anything but her potbelly is a turnoff for me)...not saying I'm perfect but I honestly watch what I eat and am trying to turn my physical life around.

4. She still lives with her dad and 3 older sisters (she stays with me on weekends) which I dont mind but its like she is stuck in a "daddy's girl" state of mind all the time and has no concept of the real world.

5. Her friends have kids (which I have told her since the start I'm not ready for yet) so she says "I'm not ready either" but she is always bringing it up to the point I think she is sleeping with me so much sometimes because she is hoping for a long shot that she gets pregnant.

6. I am the 80's metal/rocker type ride motorcycles, have tattoos, wear lots of black but I have a great career as a designer/drafting I wonder if she is into my job and the money that i make but feel like she is always trying to change me into one these guys you see on reality tv in a polo shirt and khakis.

Well I await your opinions & criticism.
By BikerBeast 12 years ago :: Dating
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