Is this cheating?

i had a pretty disrespectful boyfriend who didnt talk to me, at the time, in 5 days, even on my birthday. after the 5 days, the decision is made that my (ex) boyfriend isnt a good one. the morning of new years, i decide to meet up with a friend from school for new years night. he spun me around and kissed me at 12:00, unexpectedly. i began to really like being around him that night, and we started holding hands. I then broke up with my (ex) boyfriend 3 hours after kiss. I got back with the boyfriend next day, and i told him the truth and gave him my total honesty, just because its the right thing to do-- i cant carry on a relationship without him knowing that. my (ex) boyfriend then dumps me because he says its cheating. i have sincerely apologized in every way possible, even bussing for 4 hours straight to his house with breakfast to talk things through. he wants nothing to do with me. not denying it is a crime, but in my opinion, maybe this was taken too over board... what do you think?
* and he cried when i told him the truth, so he definitely cared about the relationship. did he over react about this?
By trolololololol 12 years ago :: Dating
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