child has primary residence with us, when mother wants to see kid is it her responsibility to pick up, ect?

this mother had issues from way back with doing anything for this child.....I drop her off every other weekend, and then they drop her back home.
Mother then approached me, in front of kid, I am stepmom. She demanded I drop her off two times a week because she wants to see her- she has a car, gets nails done nearby, ect....but feels it is our job to drop her off! I love this child, and take her many places, have friends over, ect. I take care of her as my own. I support her need to see her mom, I encourage that, but this really was too much, esp when my hbby said..whats the big deal? in front of her towards me. thats 20x a month I would be doing what she should gladly do to see her child....and I feel very upset. My husband now sees it , how he overcompensated, but I feel so hurt, and upset,
By maxine 13 years ago :: Marriage
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