can no longer forgive my friend. am i right or am i wrong?

i hav been talking to this guy for a year and half..were both involved with each other and everyone of our closest friends knew. my friend started talking to him and flirting in class. she had already betraded my trust with another guy and i wasn't about to let her take this one. i warned her to not like him and to stop flirting. weeks went by and he was telling me that they were hanging out a lot more and that she told him that he was to good for me. the next day she told me i was waisting my time with him, how is she even a friend right now? everyone was telling me to drop her as a friend because she was trying to steal my guy and is talking shit between the both of us to break us up. so i did. i told her we couldnt be friends anymore. but we could still be cool. i am wrong..i am i just being a jealous girl??
By BabyGirl5614 11 years ago :: Friends
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