Guy I'm dating doesn't want to celebrate V-Day, said he didn't think I cared. I expressed that I do & he said

So after watching a movie & laying around, I asked casually what he wanted to do for Valentine's day. He said nothing, him & his guy friends (who he is super close to) are all having a guy's night out. I said, "Ok so you plan on skipping out/ignoring me entirely?" He said his ex's all didn't care about Valentine's day so he figured I didn't either. After explaining yes I do celebrate V-Day and am not expecting anything crazy, even a night in, he said he doesn't celebrate it and already has plans w/ the guys. I said that's fine you can keep your plans, but you can't just entirely forget about me too. He got upset that I "ruined the evening with my arguing" (which I explained is NOT arguing, this is what a conversation looks like. Look it up). He said "I'll give you an answer by the end of the week" which he obviously hasn't. WE've hung out several more times after that and had a great time, tho the subject was never resolved. My question is.. we've been dating exclusively (yes, we've had the "talk") for months. How do I react to this? Technically he "is" celebrating V-Day if he's having a guys night out, and I am super upset I'm being left ignored. My point is it's a day to celebrate and have fun, not a marriage ceremony. Do I bring it up again? Do I ignore it? If I do I know it will still make me upset in the future. I have been asked out by other guys to go out V-Day, should I just take them up on their invitation? How do I approach this or how could we compromise on this? He spends an insane amount of $$$ on himself (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc) yet he refuses to even get me flowers. I'm wondering if I am with a selfish, inconsiderate guy or how we can work this out. I'm not expecting jewelry or crazy gifts, just a fun night in would make me happy but he even refuses to OK that.
By Amber5907 13 years ago :: Dating
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