Commit or not to commit?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years in March. We have hung out practically every day since we started dating. In the past year and a half we have also spent the night with each other. We basically live together now, the only time we are away from each other is when we are at work during the day. We have dinner together, sleep together, go to the gym in the morning together, etc. Right now we pretty much live at my house because we purchased a house but it needs to be fixed up first before we can move into it, it'll probably be done within the next month or so. My question is that he says he wants to live together before he proposes to me because he says people change when they move in together. Yet its like we live together now but without our own house. I'm not one to push and push and ask him to ask me to marry him. Also I don't even want a wedding, I want to just elope in Vegas, so I don't need the engagement ring either. So is it just me being impatient or do you think it's time to commit?
By heatherhut 12 years ago :: Dating
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