Is my Mum really as bad a person as I think she is?

Ok Guys, where to begin?

My Mum and I have had a rocky relationship since I was alot younger, I'm 26 now.

2 years ago my Mum and Dad divorced. There was alot of bad blood between them and alot of argueing back and forwards.

At first my mum was living in the family home with me and my 2 younger siblings C & E. During this time I was viewed as the live-in babysitter - my mum was rarely about and I was left to bring up the kids 10 & 13 respectively. I'd also like to point out my mum does not work so she was not "off working two jobs to make rent".

On Christmas Eve, within 2 months of breaking up with my dad, my mum disappeared for an hour or so only to return with a random male. This random male was still about on Christmas morning, I showed my obvious disgust only to be told a pack of lies re. this male. I was also asked to keep this quiet from my Dad as my mum did not want to upset him on his first Christmas away from the kids.

A year and bit passed, my mum decided to move 100 miles away with the 2 younger kids to be nearer this gentleman, leaving me and my dad to enter into a mortgage agreement where I co-own the family home.

A year passed and my younger brother was diagnosed with Leukemia, and my mum was happy to have her own place away from any family ties or old friends. She then, by her own admission realised how difficult it is being a single parent and decided to try and get back with my Dad.

Now, my mum has moved back into the family home and has started the crap I put up with when I was 13, being told to tidy my room etc.

I guess I just feel annoyed that for a over a year I've been paying half of this house, and getting on great with my Dad. Then suddenly my mum is struggling, plays the "i still love you" card, gets back with my dad and keeps walking about saying "this is MY house... we do things MY way"

I just want someone from outside my group of friends without any ties to us to listen to this and tell me I'm right...

Thanks in advance

By Jimbobskyline 13 years ago :: Parent/Child
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