Am I really that bad?

I am 24 yr old female and I have been dating this guy C for 3 years. For the past 1 year we have been in a distance relationship (I had to move to another city for my education).

The thing is for the past 1 year or more, every time we have an argument or I try to discuss my problems with C, he starts blaming me about everything without listening to the the whole thing. This happens even if I am discussing something that involves any body else..(like me and a class mate). He'll never listen to the whole issue, intervene in between, blame me for this and that and something that happened years ago...
So what is happening now is that instead of fighting back or proving my point, I have started to resign.. I let him say what he wants.. blame me what ever he wants.
The result is that my self esteem has become low. I don't want to argue with him or prove anything to him, but it hurts me to hear so many complains about me. The relation ship quality has also become distant and cold. I don't feel as warm and affectionate as I used to feel about him. Even if he tries to be nice, it does not affect me now. He feels he cares about me that is why he keeps on telling me my faults but I would rather that for once if he just listened to me.

So all I am trying to ask is that am I really that pathetic a person? I am tired of being blamed all the time for things I didn't do, for things he'd assume I would do in a situation. There is obviously a communication problem and if I try to discuss it, I am blamed even more. My self esteem is in tethers and I don't know why am I putting up with all this.
By Suzie 12 years ago :: Dating
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