Answer me this...if you're a cheerleader why wouldn't you want to cheer at a game? And not just any game, a playoff game. I don't know if this is a question that can actually be answered but I guess I'm just irritated.
I cheer for my high school and we had a big playoff game tonight. We have 13 girls on our team, and only THREE of us cheered. One sat in the stands...I don't know why but whatever. To only have three girls cheering at such a big game was embarrassing and a big reflection of our squad. To others, it probably looked like we didn't care about being at the game. I am just really disappointed with the squad. It would have been different if the three of us that were there were notified that the ones that did not show up wouldn't be coming, but we didn't get any calls or texts! It's simple to let us know if you won't be coming or not.
All I want for the squad is to have a good rep again and to be able to be a team again. I guess it doesn't really matter if we are or not though because this season is over.
Next year, my senior year, is definitely going to be different. I will be captain with one other girl and we work really well together, and we are committed!
Anyways, I guess this turned into more of a blog...but I just wanted to express that.
Thank you.
By Skye95 13 years ago :: Friends
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