should boyfriend answer when an ex girlfriend reaches out?

Boyfriend dated his ex for a few years... she broke his heart and ruined him for a while. he had tried multiple times to get back with her and reached out to her when he needed help. she wanted nothing to do with him. they had been broken up for a year, when we started dating. as soon as she got wind of it, she contacted him... he knew she was trying to mess with his head, but he answered because he said he can be mature about the situation. we've been dating almost a year. shes contacted him quite a few times since, eg: his birthday, christmas, new years... he just told me about it. i'm not worried about him going back to her because their relationship was tumultuous but do you think its okay that she still contacts him? i've told him it makes me upset and uncomfortable- he said he understands but he can be mature about the situation and answer her if she emails- theres no need to be mean to her he says. he talks about the future with me and that nothing could break out relationship but i am concerned about how to handle this. do i have the right to tell him he cant speak to her anymore?
By cutie143 12 years ago :: Dating
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