Is this just what you do for someone your with? Or am I unhappy? I cant even tell anymore.

Ive been friends with my boyfriend for 5 years, he chased me for 3 years and finally we started dating. Im 24.
I fell pregnant a few months into our relationship and It was nothing but an enormous drama in which his family got involved and I decided the best thing for myself would be a termination. I didnt know then if I wanted to be with him forever, it was too early in our relationship, but I am happy with the decision I made.
I broke up with him about 6 months ago because he worked so much and I felt like the only time we would spend together was on the couch watching tv - something he loves to do.
He tried to make changes to get me back and I thought he had changed.
I like to go out on weekends. To the beach, to lunch, for a picnic. I dont think I ask for too much in this relationship except spending some quality time together. I am always doing things alone. Lately I havent been staying at his house and our sex life is pretty much non existent. I find that he has been watching porn even though Im always wanting to have sex with him.
I think sometimes that Im wasting my youth with him. That if he is like this now then he wont change ever.
My dad worked so much and my mum left him because she was unhappy. Ive never seen a functioning relationship, everyone I know has seperated or divorced so Im not sure if you just put up with things like this in a relationship because I try to not be unreasonable and think, well, you have to take the good with the bad, right?
He loves me and will do aything for me. Is that enough?
Im a very, out of sight out of mind person and I feel like im the backbone in this relationship.
I cant be bothered to try and put the spark back into our relationship because for once it would be nice for him to do it. I often imagine myself single and doing all the things I want to do, like move state and travel! I am such a free spirit at heart and I often feel that I am restricted with him as in, if we were to stay together then I will always have to stay in the area I am now because he cant take his buinsess with him.
I guess I feel i am sacrificing alot for him and he cant even take the time out to have sex with me or take me out to lunch on a weekend.
He always says, things will get easier soon. But so far Ive waited 6 months of my life and nothings changed.
I suppose what I am asking is.. Is this just what you do for someone your with? Or am I unhappy? I cant even tell anymore.

By cherriejam 11 years ago :: Dating
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