She said she'll tell me when she finds out. Then tells me after the fact. And makes up excuses.

Her group at work was going to take her out for lunch. I asked her where they are planing to go? But at the time she didn't know if they still were or when/where. And said she'll let me as soon as she finds out if they are and when/where. Hours later, after lunch time (the whole time I figured they got busy and couldn't go), she texts she just got back from lunch. I replied I thought you were gonna let me when you know? Then she goes into a tirade about how she doesn't need to tell me every where she goes and when and to stop being controlling. I'm like whoa! This incident comes after she yelled at me for not telling her I went to the store prior to going a few of weeks back..and I apologized agreed to tell her my plans from then on (my reason at the time was she's usually hates when I text her at work. So I save my day's activities for later when she gets off work) Anyway, back to the topic, I just told her I would have liked her to keep her word about letting me know when she found out. Her reason was they were in a rush and she didn't want to disrespect her coworkers by taking out her phone. Now I agree no phones at the table. I would usually excuse myself to the bathroom and send a quick text. And she knows this b/c she's left me hanging for hours before too and we've had this discussion. If you're gonna be super late (15mins - half hour OK, pushing hour to hours, not OK) or something and you don't wanna be rude, excuse yourself to the bathroom and to tell the other person what's up. Especially if you had plans with that person afterwards and they've been waiting. I say it's common courtesy. She says it's controlling. What do you think? Oh and now it's escalated to me being a control freak when all I wanted was to keep her word and not leave me hanging like she did for a 2nd time. I think her priorities are wrong..she doesn't want to offend her coworkers at my expense. Esp when there are ways not to offend. And she still doesn't think she did anything wrong..She says "at least I told you we went." Who cares when I tell you? I say not after you said you'll let me know as soon as you find out...that's not keeping to your word. If I did that I'd get yelled at like crazy!!
By Styme001 10 years ago :: Dating
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