Weekend trip without the wife

Father has bought a home in the Bahamas. Has asked if brother in-law and me can come down for a long weekend to help with some renovations. Basically a Thursday to Monday type situation. Wife and I dont have the best communication skills and I avoided even asking as most times I get shot down before I even ask. Long story short, this trip came up in a verbal fight we had on a totally different issue. I know it wasnt the right place or time, but she has basically called me out by saying if I go, then our marriage is over? So bad, that even her parents caught wind of this issue and have obviously sided with their daughter and that a "good" husband should never leave his wife alone. T itried to compromise by offering to bring her and we could stay at a local hotel, this way we could still get away while I am able to help my Father out. Between her job and our three kids......this was not viable option. I stuck my tail between my legs as I always do and said its not worth the fight and agreed not to go. Last week, I was a little set back as its tough seeing and hearing my family discussing this trip and renovation and I cannot do anything to help. I tried explaing this to my wife and she went in to attack mode and explained that we almost split up over this trip. I dont agree that this is something to end your marriage over, but I'm having a tough understanding of this one. We've been married for 3 years and we have not had a real vacation since our honeymoon which happens to be on the same island. I understand my wife's feelings that we both need a break together, but I'm stuck on this one. Need to some opinions on this one.
By hitched 12 years ago :: Marriage
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