How should I change myself ?

It is about this guy in my hostel with whom I have developed deep friendship with.Actually I am in final year of my graduation and need to study hard to face further job competitions.I do realize its essence but when I am in company of this guy I tend to neglect all these.We waste a lot of time chatting and watching movies.Its is only after the entire day slips out of my hand that I repent wasting my time but the very next day the same story begins.Also even in his absence most of my thoughts keep circulating around him.Some days before I had tried to find a solution to this problem by intentionally creating a tiff with him but as soon as some days passed I started missing him from my life and we were back again.Also too be mentioned is this guy is too casual about his studies and is amongst the "below average" students of my class.Though I am above him in academics yet I don't know why I find comfort with him only.It seems like a battle is going on between what my heart wants and what the brain says.Please tell what should I do ? I am desperately in need of help ;(
By tarun 12 years ago :: Friends
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