Should he be so forgiving of his brother?

My husband's brother is the sort of guy that runs around and sleeps with several women at once. He drinks, A LOT... Anyway, I heard from a family member that my husband's brother said that a day my husband was gone he could have slept with me. I never am by myself so I am trying to figure out when this would actually happen. Then I heard from a friend he used to date that he told her that she shouldn't be my friend because I tried to sleep with him. I really dislike his brother...never did like him. He lies a lot, drinks a lot... and uses people. I have seen a lot of girls hurt by him so why would I go for someone like that, period? My husband was mad at him for one day and then went back to normal. Hanging out and so on. His brother claims he never said anything like that despite there being two witnesses. So he starts coming to my house when I am not around when he told my husband he would apologize. My husband doesn't seem to care that his brother said things about me. He rather ignore the situation. I also find my husband will go out of his way for his brother even if it puts me in the dark. I find myself coming second to his brother. At least it feels that way.
By Trainwreck 11 years ago :: Marriage
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