What to do, I'v taking my wifes love 4 granted. This has seen her seeking comfort from another man. :(

Now she say's she is NO longer IN LOVE with me.But she has feelings 4 this other guy. I'v worked out she has told me inexcess of 200 lies just this year & thats from a ladie who would never tell lies. We have 6 kids & been married now 16yrs together 19yrs...last year when she needed me to talk to i wasn't there & I said some mean crap that i carn't take back. So she seeked the advice of this other guy through facebook. She has said that she wants us to split up 4 "awhile" But then we still do ALL things couples do. Thats 1 thing in my favour her labido is very high & it gets VERY satisfied. I have said to her that its like a school girl crush she has & thankfully he has kids 2 + lives far away & so she knows thay can never be together. But 4 the last 2 months i'v been doing everything around the house & i feel = 1 i might lose her & at least 3 of my kids & 2 that i'm being taking advantage of. She knows now i'm 110% into her & in suck up mode. I will do anything 4 my Wife & Kids. Question is if we stay together 4 how long should i go on doing everything & how long should i wait till i hear them magic words = I'm in Love with you..I use to be a SNAG when i told her i was sorry i said i was HAMBURGERS =Hartless,And,Mindless,Bas*ard,Uttaly,Repulsed,&,Genualy,Everafter,Really,SORRY. The thing that stinks is that last year i was in a lot of pain & depressed. I'm out of pain & feeling good BUT THIS IS MAKING ME DEPRESSED EVEN MORE.
By SirED69 12 years ago :: Marriage
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