Someone offering something – genuine or just trying to be polite?

My boyfriend and I have a significant difference in our perception of human interaction. I believe that if someone offers something, sometimes they are genuinely offering, and sometimes they are just trying to be nice, and in certain situations, if you actually accepted their offer, they would be surprised. My boyfriend whole heartedly believes that if someone offers something it is always genuine, because they wouldn't offer it otherwise. He also finds it rude to turn down an offer, and feels the other person would be insulted by that because they want you to take whatever goods and services they're offering (in most situations – not someone offering drugs or anything to that nature). I really have never met anyone who thinks this way and find it to be really weird, and he is convinced I'm greatly mistaken with my thought process. I thought it was common sense to recognize legitimate versus polite offers, and proceed appropriately. I can't help but think of the Seinfeld episode of the space pen – if anyone knows that reference. I guess my question is, do people offer things sometimes just to be nice with the expectation that the other person wouldn't actually take it?
By UncommonCarWreck 12 years ago :: General
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