When to buy a house, move in, or get engaged

been with my boyfriend (31) for 9-10 months... I'm 25. We have recently been looking at houses to BUY together... I just told my parents about the the other night and they think we shouldn't live together until were engaged... and once were engaged its okay to BUY together. I'm okay with that after hearing their point of view. However, when I presented this to my boyfriend, his main concern was that he wants a house and to be settled before being engaged. I think if we were engaged soon and then started looking for a house we could own our own house all within the next six months. He has mentioned that too... I don't want a specific timeline placed upon it, but it demeans the engagement. Makes me feel like were only getting engaged because he wants to buy a house together. He could very well buy a house on his own, it would just be nicer and more affordable if i contributed too... whats everyone opinions on moving in, buying together, and engagement?
By cutie143 12 years ago :: Marriage
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