This girl. im confused... help please (:?

so, we're attending the same school, and i've met her 2 years ago when we were doing a group project. we chatted for hours one night and i got know her little bit then after the project was done we haven't talk until the past 3 weeks. i initiated the convo online and told i her if i could borrow something and she said yea sure and asked me where she could could go meet me and also told me she thought i've totally forgotten about her and was a snob cuz i wasn't returning her text but i told her I lost my old number but i got a new one and we exchanged numbers then the following day we met up, i got to talk to her just for a moment cuz i gotta hurry up for class. then the weekend came and we started texting then gradually started flirting through text. she told me she's planning to have her phone fixed tomorrow and asked me to go with her. The next day i met her at the mall and she had her bestfriend with her but later her friend left the both us as we went to catch a flick. As we watched, i tried putting my arms around her and she responded well and layed her head on my chest while we hold hands. Then we had dinner after and started get to know more about her. i paid the bill though she paid for the movie, i didn't made a big deal about it cuz she said it's completely fine and acts really independent. then went home. For a week we texted every day until one night i screwed up on a text and it got her pretty upset so apologized over and over and didn't let the night slip til everything was cool between us. Following day we hang out for a few hours and she talked about her ex's and how she's afraid that she'll lose me and told me she didn't wanna be attached for now... i told her that i understand how she feels and i'm fine with that and also told her that i don't wanna lose her ever. For another week we kept texting and flirting then near the end of the 2nd week, she misunderstood a joke and again i kept saying sorry to her but no matter how much i text and tried calling her, she's not picking it up and i waited til tomorrow and i apologized to her and she finally texted telling me to forget about it. From there, everything between us is kind of going downhill. She used to greet me goodmorning and goodnight but now i'm the only one doing it, so i figured, maybe she's no longer that into me so i stopped texting her and got somehow emotional in my texts and she said it turns her off and she wants both of us to just keep it cool, so i told her i didn't know and it's just my way of showing i did care... as she's been in that kind in her previous relationships..(told me she got 4 in college) but later i found out it's a lot more than that. this past 7 days she called me twice asking me what's going on in there and the convo was pretty random, because I wanted to wait for her to contact me first and i only stopped texting her only because she's responds like 30mins or an hour later and sometimes nothing at all…. Also I asked her to hangout a few days ago and didn't returned my text. I was cool with that cuz I knew she had classes that time but later found out that she cut her class and was somewhere else. Then I feel like I shouldn't text for a while but then she calls me a day later asking how am I doing and stuff like that…
can any of you tell me what's happening? am i over reacting or maybe friendzoned or? i really like her and pushing her away is the last thing i want to happen. in fact i would never want that to happen. THANK YOU =]
By dirtysanchez 12 years ago :: Dating
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